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Reply from Smart Ea Incubator

This client didn’t follow the instructions at all, and the interesting part is that he left this review on CPI news day.

This is what we’ve emphasized on in our VIP channel that clients need to close the trades and turn off the EA before the news and he forgot to do so. Plus, this client (out of 1000), was complaining every single day about a different setting of the EA and based on our experience, these type of clients never get results from ANY system in the long run..

We have the fastest responding support in this industry and we never ignored any of his messages and told him what the issue is, but he simply ignored it all and thinks it all comes from the EA.

When actually the prop firm’s spread is the cause and we know that for fact, he still ignores and blame the system and the entire settings of the EA.

Plus, the instructions are all sorted out in the VIP channel and we do have full Telegram support to respond to any issues, and in case of anything, we are always open to improve it.

We wish him luck for his next tries.

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