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Give Them a Try but be Patient

Where to begin: well, they claim to be located in Bulgaria but drop ship directly from China. This would not be a big deal IF they had any means of directly contacting their support team.

I ordered an ice bath and a water chiller. The water chiller alone costs $1,000. I waited 3 full business days after being charged the full purchase price to check on the status of the order. One of their service representatives (all of them are named James coincidentally) told me the water chiller was never ordered and then proceeded to disappear from the chat. I went ahead and emailed them since the representative never returned. As opposed to addressing and allaying my concerns, Spartan reprimanded me for opening multiple support tickets before they could respond. They never issued an apology for their snafu.

It has now been another 3 weeks since the original order was placed and they apparently neglected to ship half the order attributing their negligence to “a flight was delayed”. I was told today to wait another 2 weeks for the item to be delivered which would make it about 1.5 months to receive the item after I was already charged in full.

By the way, they have told me that if I am afraid they are not a legitimate company, then I should check the reviews on their website. Here is the problem: the “reviews” on their website consist of three testimonials, two of which have the same name.

Do what you want with your money. All I know is I wish I would have had a review like this before I spent my money. Don’t do what I did. Go buy from a legitimate company and be glad you did.

The items did arrive and earlier than the readjusted date – they were still tardy. Despite everything with the delivery, things worked (mostly) as expected. I have had a couple of issues with the water chiller but I have to tell you, the customer service at Spartan has been phenomenal. James (and I still think all of their employees are named James) has gone above and beyond to make things right. They have issued partial refunds, replaced missing items and even included other pieces to try and make things whole. I might not be a total believer in their suite of products, but I do really, really respect and admire outstanding customer service. I know it sounds crazy, but I would do business with them again based purely on their dedication to rectifying mistakes. That is a rare attribute and goes a long way.

Date of experience: June 18, 2023

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