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F1 tickets for Spa – cheap, easy fast

Ok, so I never give reviews. But this one I thought it’s worth it.

Tldr: bought a 10$ F1 ticket, was was fake. It wasn’t.

Bought a 10$ Formula 1 ticket from them for the Spa race. Received the PDF which was a bit blurry. I thought it definitely has to be fake (full price tickets were selling in Belgium on local websites for 250$). I wanted to resell it on their platform but that didn’t work. So I tried selling it on a diffĂ©rent platform, that didn’t work either (ticket wasn’t accepted)… Contact their support to tell them that this was surely a fake ticket… They wrote back saying they they check and the ticket is good.

Anyways, went to the race with little hope, worst case I would lose 10$ and some gas money. Went my turn arrived, at the entrance, the ticket WORKED! I was stunned!

Anyhows, this was crazy. I highly recommend them.

Date of experience: July 29, 2023

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