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Speedy and tailored, personal service

I asked for a loan for a very expensive dental treatment. An executive (Henry) immediately dealt with it, and after uploading several extra documents, I was offered the loan the same day!!! In fact, the whole procedure lasted not more than an hour.
This company deals with clients online, but there is a real person behind it, not just a chatbot. The customer service people are compassionate, and understanding, and would go into as many details, as you need for the case. They respond a few minutes after you upload a new file or put in new data to your profile. They work even over the hours, just to help you get a positive response from them.
When I first applied a week before, my request was declined. However, after explaining what they did not know about my expenses, they let me reapply, and then it all went extra fast and great. This company really knows that every single case is unique.
Thank you, Henry, Thank you, Tabeo!

Date of experience: June 22, 2023

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