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If I were able to rate Target and their…

If I were able to rate Target and their inept customer server with negative stars, I would. Since I’m unable, I will reluctantly give a single star.

I have had my order, for the same item mind you, canceled eight times now. Three of the cancelations were pre-orders. The system is kicking me out with three, obviously random, reasons for the cancelation. My favorite is when I decided to attempt to order one of said item and a reason is I’ve exceeded the allotted number per

I have argued online as well as called the corporate number. I never dreamed both would be just as ignorant to both computer and web systems. I kept insisting I speak with an individual who understood code as it is a problem that is going on with my account. They kept telling me it isn’t, while stating the numbers on the site are incorrect and just not updated correctly. I explained to them that I had been watching the numbers decrease and attempted to explain to random fools how code works. Then attempted to explain how their company line didn’t hold water as I bought an xbox series x from target online. I also was canceled during preorder and the day they were to put the item on the shelves I was canceled at 430am. But they just kept repeating the same thing. They have done nothing to help. Their advice, this is ingenious, wait 24hrs… And try again!! LMAO. Right because if something is malfunctioning, it will just magically fix itself. Meanwhile, I personally know people all over the country who have gone on the Target website and had NO problems with this exact item. One person earlier this week bought the last two online for himself at a store. I CAN’T BUY ONE OF THREE AVAILABLE!!

Date of experience: August 08, 2023

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