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Still the worst of the worst

Still the worst of the worst. After my tax attorney went on his big screen TV & filled out all 1040’s with an employee of this company, then emailed those forms to an employee of Taxrise,thinking that they would take the forms to actually file, they did non of the above. TI need to add that they took put a loan with another company HOME ACCEPTANCE LOAN using my home as collateral. I would never ever employee this company. My trust in them cost me more than I actually owed the IRS. I’m still getting solitous calls from this company even though they have only cost me money. Nothing was ever done i my favor. Their lame service cost me close to $5000.00, thus, i a court of law, were I to hire an attorney, the case would go to civil court. Since I was ripped off by more than ne person, I have chosen to cut my losses. These young people , young employees are not qualified ,nor are they aware of the corruption they are playing a part in.

Date of experience: August 07, 2023

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