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I have seen your reply to the earlier…

I have seen your reply to the earlier review. But unfortunately, due to the limited capabilities of TrustPilot, I cannot reply to your reply and am unable to share proven evidence that what you have mentioned about me is totally not true.

I am going to provide here as many details as possible about your company and the incidents that happened:
1. Last year in August 2022, your CEO Visser and team member approached me to buy the Pattern Traders course for USD10,000/- for two years, which ended up being another useless market education course. After that, in October-November 2022 they had some disputes with The educator of the course and went to form the new scammer’s forum called thetradingcafe
2. Then in December 2022, they started selling new courses called Cash for Courses by sending emails to the Pattern trader client’s asking them to join the program and then start teaching under thetradingcafe. At that time I was convinced to buy the course, I thought it might be a good learning. Plus the company CEO was sending daily emails to show how serious is their offer. I also had his brother signing me up for the course which called ” Course Creation Formula” for USD197. Here is the link to their website:
3. After that the brother of the Co-founder called me in December 2022 and tried to convince me to become one of the educators which I had refused because of my busy schedule, plus I don’t teach.
4. Moving forward in April 2023, after attending one of their webinar under the tradingcafe, I bought another course from them called “At-Home Trading Blueprint!. Another way to scam people is to call them for a webinar and show offers that nobody can resist to then sell them useless courses.
If anyone reading the review, be aware that all the contents of the course are available for free online. Don’t let these people foul you. The course that they sold me is no different. They had all these market educators with their strategies:
TRADER #1: – The Head & Shoulders Day Trader. Plus now he is selling M/W patterns which have proven its failure since 2010.

TRADER #2: – 382 & 20/20 Trading Strategy

TRADER #3: – The “SID” Method

5. On 16th July 2023: One of their members at thetradingcafe contacted me on Skool forum, after a comment that I mentioned about Propfirms and that I am not willing to do an interview with thetradingcafe, DM me, which I am now going to share it with you below:
Jul 16th 2023

Aar 7:18pm

Hi how are you doing? Hope it’s ok I’m reaching out to you on DM
I Saw that you said you were a funded trader on the poll.
Unfortunately, I failed the FTMO challenge but practising now on demo and hope to go again when I’m ready.
I want to ask which you trade with? And also, if you believe it’s legitimate, or if it’s rigged.
Would be very interesting to hear your Perspective if you’d like to share.
Thank you!

Aa 7:19pm
*prop firm

Me 7:28pm

Hi Aa, thanks for your message. All are going well here. But it is too hot in Summer (43c).
I hope you too is doing well.
I do trade with MFF, TFT, Funded trading plus and Smart Proptrader.
They are all legitimate

Me 7:31pm

Also FTMO is a legitimate company. I am planning to do a challenge with them next month

Aa 8:05pm

Ok that’s really cool. Are you profiting from trading with these prop firms?

Aa 8:06pm

Which one would you recommend

Aa 8:06pm

right now I was practicing on FTMO demo

Aa 8:06pm

also where in the world are you? Im in Uk

Me 8:23pm

If I am not profiting why I would acquire more funds. As I mentioned in the comments I am funded trader since 2021

Me 8:25pm

I do recommend going with Propfirms if you are consistently profitable on a monthly basis. Otherwise there is no point in wasting money on challenges

Me 8:26pm

most of these propfirms are dealing with in which they transfer your profits within few days to your account


From the above DM, did you see that I offered any service to him?
Please note that I do not coach or provide any training to others, I don’t have any courses to offer to anyone.
Because I left all this for you to offer. I am not a market Educator because all market educators are scammers.

So what you have done. You immediately banned me from the community which I am glad that you did. This shows your clear color and since I didn’t agree to become one of your educators.
I am a true believer in the following quote:
” Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” by George Bernand Shaw

So I am not interested in re-joining your community. Plus I don’t provide training or coaching because I left it for you. Kindly return back my money.

Date of experience: August 17, 2023

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