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Extremely disappointed

I am extremely disappointed that I have to write this review, but it is necessary nonetheless. My brother recommended tires from Treadwright. He had purchased a set and gotten more than 5 quality years out of them with no issues. I purchased a set of 40k – 50k tires in March of 2022. Since then I put about 11k miles on them. Recently, I began to experience a significant wobble/vibration. I took my vehicle to my mechanic who advised one of my front tires had a broken belt which created a bulge on the left side of the tire, thereby causing the wobble. Additionally, he told me that each of the two rear tires had air bubbles building under the tread and they should be replaced as well.

I contacted Treadwright, obviously frustrated that my tires, barely a year old, were failing so badly. I was asked to complete a warranty claim which I did. The following day Treadwright told me that because I did not purchase the warranty on the tires, NOTHING would be replaced or refunded. Shame on me for assuming they produced/sold a quality product and for thinking that the company would be at all concerned about their faulty product. The employee I spoke with advised me that the best they could do was offer 15% off of a single new tire. How cute of them to assume that after investing $600 in a set of 4 tires just over a year ago, 3 of which are failing, that I would have any interest in purchasing more of their product. After expressing my dissatisfaction with this result, I was eventually told I could receive 20% off of one single replacement tire and that was the absolute best they could do. To make things even worse, they are currently offering a promotional deal on their website for 25% off, so their resolution would actually cost me more than if I just purchased a new tire directly from the website.

Had the company worked with me to replace the tire, or offered to provide a respectable refund I would have given them a second chance, but instead I went ahead and purchased a new set of 4 from a competitor and will NEVER do business with, or recommend Treadwright Tires to anyone. In fact, thabks to their poor customer service, I will actively discourage everyone I possibly can from making the same mistake I did. My brother, who recommended Treadwright has said he will not be making any new purchases from them in the future. Thanks to faulty products and poor customer service, they have lost the support of two customers who will NEVER support their product ever again, which is such a shame.

I DO NOT recommend Treadwright tires and if you’re going to make a purchase, pony up the extra $$ for the warranty. Otherwise you could be left stuck with a set of bad tires and a bank account that’s several hundred dollars lighter.

Date of experience: August 17, 2023

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