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Unfortunately this time Ultion showed…

Unfortunately this time Ultion showed no help

My key got stuck in the door after opening it ( it wouldn’t open if key was not inserted correctly) how difficult is it to put a key in a lock??

So contacted Ultion they said send videos n pics plus fill in a form , so I did it

1st excuse: They phone and say I put key in wrongly so it was my fault, they said turn the key level and pull out key to salvage the barrel , I say I can’t it stuck in there solid , again they want more videos of cam not moving , so I take a video and send

2nd excuse: now they call back say it’s the fault of my door as in the locking mechanism !!??!

So they offer me 20% off and pass my call to sales ( NOTE: you can’t get a price on their website for locks or keys ) your at the mercy of whoever answers the phone and price they quote

The person says £78 for barrel replacement and 1 key that’s includes 20% off!

What a joke , NO more Ultion for me !

bought Yale via Amazon same day delivery 3 keys for £31 including delivery and no issues with keys or door mechanism!!!

Shop around people as when things go wrong even UK companies treat poorly such as the excuses above!!

The lock failed it’s simple STOP making it rocket science

Date of experience: August 17, 2023

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