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Disappointed – Not Good

I’ve used these guys before, always 5 stars. Better than Overgear, especially when it comes to customer service. First booster messed up the logins, like 3 or 4 times, lol. Dude couldn’t figure out the codes, repeated typo errors- probably high AF. Second booster did fine with the login.

Before I ordered the boost, I let them know that it was -very important- that all my bars, keybinds and options settings needed to be put back to where the booster found them. After the boost was done, all of my bars and keybinds and options were screwed up. I contacted WowVendor, and the booster told them they had “Technical Difficulties,” so they couldn’t change anything back (doubtful, yeah?) So the booster marked the order as completed and moved on without fixing anything. Unprofessional service from the booster on this order.

After I complained about the settings problems, the booster said they were busy, and that it would take a few hours before they could correct their mistakes. Try again later. Will have to go through the login codes nonsense all over again. Bummer! Order #1182202
edit: The customer service was again, excellent and they addressed my concerns afterwards, but I will add that the booster not only messed up my talents, he somehow OVERWROTE my other 2 talent builds. Had to rebuild my trees. Oof!

Date of experience: August 16, 2023

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