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Thanks for contacting us.

We weren’t able to find your booking in our system under the name you supplied in your enquiry.

The quickest way for us to find you on our system is to reply to any of our confirmation emails. These are sent by us when you purchase XCover Protection alongside items from our partners or when you make changes to your policy.

If you don’t have any confirmation emails from XCover, please firstly check your spam folder. If you use Gmail/Googlemail, please also check your Promotions and Social folders.

If there’s no XCover emails in those folders, please send us the following information:

• Your XCover reference number. This is the number that ends with “-INS”. It will be in the subject line of the confirmation emails that we send.

If you can’t find your INS number, please provide us with the following information:

• Name and email of the policyholder and/or purchaser or the XCover policy
• Email address used when the original purchase was made
• The date that you purchased XCover Protection
• The site where you purchased XCover
• A screenshot of your XCover information and the URL you visited when taking the screenshot.
• Any other documents relating to your XCover Protection, such as the XCover invoice or the invoice for the underlying item.

Thanks for choosing us,
The XCover Team

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