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10/10 Scammed me – Don’t ignore the signs

Edit the company replied below with false information: they already said they refunded this on 22nd May
“May 22, 2022, 13:29 GMT+8
Your transaction has been rejected by the bank.
It will be refunded to you automatically within 7 days.”

When I follow up with them, they cannot provide any return evidence or any receipt. When I Escalated this and complained they say sorry, but they will not provide any refund. Now they are claimining falsely to have refunded this AGAIN but how is this even possible when the first refund never came? Now the second false refund will never come either, absolutely scammers. These people think if they reply to you after stealing your money that it’s not a scam, what makes this a scam is the fact they never refund the money and do not provide evidence for refund this has nothing to do with the Australian Banking system and everything to do with this company lying to steal money. Full review is below or click my profile to see my other more positive reviews about other crypto platforms:

The company is posing as a crypto platform, however they take the money from you and do not provide anything in return and do not refund money the true definition of a scam. I’ve spent over 1 month talking to them trying to get my money back, the support is a farce and do not perform any support. They have closed comments on all youtube videos for a reason, they have no phone support and their email support is running you in circles never providing a resolution to issues. Please avoid these types of scams posing as legit exchanges, the company claims to be in partnership with large crypto platforms but this is simply a scam to part you from your money. Use any other crypto exchange, this was is a giant red flag. They sold me bitcoin then cancelled the bitcoin transaction, never gave any of the bitcoin and ran away with the money and I’ve been chasing them since going nowhere

Date of experience: June 06, 2022

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